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The Legal Rap: From Bribery to Effective Laws

Yo, let me drop some knowledge, don’t mean to be a drag, but did you know what Philippine law punishes bribery? It’s a crime, yo, they don’t take it lightly, so don’t go slippin’ cash under the table slightly.

Now, let’s talk ’bout smokin’, why are cigarettes legal? It’s a mystery to me, seems like it should be illegal, but hey, that’s just my humble sequel.

If you wanna be involved, be a real-life hero, check out Fitzroy Legal Service volunteer, give back to the community, be a doer.

Let’s not forget grammar, it’s an important part of our language, so what is grammatical agreement? It’s all about making those words sound right, so you don’t end up in a verbal fight.

When it comes to money, don’t mess around, there’s Blackrock Legal Group collection agency, they’ll come after you, no fallacy.

Need legal advice down under? Look no further, Legal and General Australia got your back, no need to ponder.

Got a business deal, crossin’ borders and oceans? Check out this international purchase contract sample, legal template in motion.

And let’s not forget why we got laws, my friend, it’s cause we need order to defend, so why did Corazon help law? It’s all about keepin’ the peace, no flaw.

So there you have it, the legal rap, from bribery to effective laws, ain’t that a wrap!

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